Help Save our Country with the BBA – by Tom Llewellyn

NOW It’s Time for The People’s Choice –  A State-driven Campaign for a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment


All thinking Americans are concerned about the out-of-control deficit spending and seemingly unlimited Federal government intrusion into our lives. It is time to fix the “holes” in our Constitution, starting with a balanced budget amendment.

Congress is not capable of limiting its’ power. Americans have asked congress to dramatically reduce expenses and restrain the control of un-elected bureaucrats. It is up to us, or more specifically, the states to restrain the growth of the federal government.

Congress is not the only entity allowed to generate Amendments. We can use the other provision for adding Amendments to our Constitution, sinse Congress refuses to act. Article V enables State legislatures to call a “convention for proposing amendments.” This gathering is limited both in scope and authority, commissioned by the states and to address one or more specific subjects.

“. . . on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments. . .”

Article V – United States Constitution

Given the current Federal debt mania, this is the perfect time to call for this constitutional option. The Founding Fathers created the State-based amendment provision for just this situation.

This is a serious action to save our country. Our very way of life and the personal and economic freedoms we cherish are slipping away at an alarming rate. With the Congress, unable or unwilling to act at this time, even on the critical need for a Balanced Budget Amendment, we have no choice, but invoke this state-driven amendment option. America cannot last on this course for much longer.

The case is made perfectly clear. It is well documented that this is a safe and expected option for states to offset the inevitable expansion of the Federal government and counter the natural resistance of Congress to do anything about it.

Refer to The Freedom Amendments, William H. Fruth,  Additional resources spell it out in no uncertain terms.  The Original Constitution – What it Actually Said and Meant, R. G. Natelson. Amending the Constitution by Convention: Complete View of the Founders’ Plan, Goldwater Institute (Policy Report #241) 9-16-10.

Follow the facts that the Founding Fathers left for us. The facts are clear and irrefutable that a subject-limited proposal for a state appointed group of delegate-agents, can be called to draft a specific Amendment for 38 states to approve into Constitutional law. No option for taking control or changing anything. Deliberations are strictly limited. Anything outside this parameter would be grounds for delegate recall. Any findings involving other subject matters would be considered legally non-binding “suggestions”.

It is time for States to exercise their long-dormant Constitutional power. America has very few options left to turn this around. After suffering decades of out-of-control Federal taxation and regulatory expansion, we have this chance to change course. If this is ever going to happen, it needs to happen NOW.

We will do our part to help turn this country around.  I believe with every fiber of my being that the average American will not stand-by and let this destruction of our freedoms continue any longer. We are the 75% majority that cares to leave a better country for our next generation, and realize that American-style limited government is the best answer.

This is not just an academic exercise for concerned patriotic citizens, like us. There is no future for America if we fail. I personally, cannot live under pervasive government tyranny, and no freedom-loving patriot that I know, would just let it happen, without a fight.

Lets’ give America the chance for a better future. If the Founding Father could put everything on the line for the initial struggle to create this great nation, the least we can do is fight for its preservation and do our part.

Help spread the word.  We are searching for action conservatives from all over the country. With a standard speech-outline to accompany a PowerPoint presentation, structured media outreach, Tea Party groups can be rallied throughout your State. There are literally hundreds of people who are ready to take-up the mantle.

Sign-up at our website, to get the latest information and to make a donation to help cover expenses. For instant alerts text “IAA” at “53445.”


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