In order to achieve victory, we are recruiting volunteers from across America to support three separate Article V campaigns, each to propose and ratify a single amendment to the U.S. Constitution.    

1. Balanced Budget Amendment – This campaign has first priority because it already has 24 of the 34 state applications to call a Convention of the States.  We will be pursuing the final 10 applications starting in January 2015 when the states begin their legislative sessions.  Read More

2. Fair Tax Amendment – This campaign will be launched in January 2015. We already have legislative sponsors in 6 states with a goal of 20 this year.  Read More

3. Term Limits Amendment – This campaign will be launched in 2016 once the campaign to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment is complete.

There is no way we can do this without you! To save the American dream for future generations, please click the button below to join the fight.