The US Tax Code is a bloated 75,000 page monstrosity that penalizes success, rewards the politically connected, stifles small business, requires overly complex filing procedures, targets the political opponents of those in power and plain stresses people out!

The top corporate tax rate has driven millions of jobs overseas and Washington has refused to lower income tax rates to stimulate the economy. 

To revive the economy, we must repeal the 16th Amendment via a Convention of the States and switch to a consumption tax collected at the point of sale on goods and services. This will eliminate tax returns, allow you to keep your entire paycheck, eliminate corporate taxes (bringing back millions of jobs) and lower the tax burden on every American.

To repeal the 16th amendment we have legislative sponsors in six states, and plan to have 20 by January 2015.  With your help, we can reach that goal!

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