The problem we face is an overconcentration of power in Washington DC due to the 17th amendment which robbed the state legislatures of their constitutional power to appoint their U.S. Senators and hence the power to influence their votes on federal legislation.  With no state check on it’s power, Washington has:

1. Maintained a tax-code which favors the politically-connected, punishes success, kills jobs, requires overly complex filing procedures and targets political opponents.

2. Borrowed as much money as it wants from foreign countries, government trust funds (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) and the FED (printed currency).

3. Passed laws which hurt the economy, businesses & the finances of every American.

This un-checked power has resulted in an over-taxed, debt-ridden, overregulated economy on the brink of financial collapse.  In order to solve the problem, we must recognize that Washington IS the problem.

The Solution