Our mission is to unite all Americans who are willing to put aside their partisan differences in order to prevent national bankruptcy and revive the economy to save the American dream for future generations. We believe that the federal government has become hopelessly corrupt, and that it must be constitutionally reformed or Washington will succeed in destroying the greatest economy the world has ever known.

Our founders knew a day like this would dawn which is why they gave ‘We the American People’ the right – by lobbying our state legislators – to bypass and reform Washington via the constitutional power they granted the state legislatures under Article V to propose and ratify amendments.

It is our hope that the states – in response to pressure from concerned citizens like you and I – will use this power to restore prosperity to America.  If we don’t act now to reign in Washington, history will chronicle our generation as one that stood idly by and watched while it’s prosperity and hence it’s liberty were destroyed. 

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