As a wise millennial once said, ‘it’s time for the can to kick back!‘  If you are tired of watching politicians heap mountains of debt on OUR generation, you’ve come to the right place!  We are fighting for a balanced budget amendment to rein in Congress which is saddling US with trillions of dollars of debt that we had no part in borrowing! 

Watch an inspiring 3-minute video which sums it ALL up!

Now let me think … what was the rallying cry with which our founding fathers declared independence? 


If common sense prevails, that will become our rallying cry as Millennials.  We are being taxed and will continue to be taxed to pay back debt that we had no democratic representation to fight against!  How could that happen?  Errrrr, either we weren’t alive, or we weren’t even old enough to vote yet!

Our government is doing to US what prompted our FOUNDING FATHERS to revolt against England!

If that doesn’t set well with you, we invite you to get started by reading the Young Americans Beware booklet in order to understand why Millennials need to get involved in the campaign for a federal balanced budget amendment!

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Videos of famous Americans calling for a balanced budget amendment to be proposed via a Convention of the States:

Rand Paul calls for an Article V - Balanced Budget Amendment!

Ronald Reagan calls for an Article V - Balanced Budget Amendment!

Herman Cain calls for an Article V - Balanced Budget Amendment!

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