Video 1 - Herman Cain Jumps Behind Our Campaign


Video 2 - Constitutional Expert Prof. Robert G. Natelson Debunks Article V Myths
 Many myths have been spread about the Article V Convention by the far left to scare conservatives away from using it to reverse a number of leftist Supreme Court decisions from the 1950s – 70s and to reform the federal government.  Their attacks influenced a number of conservative groups who have propagated those attacks over the last 30 years. Professor Natelson, our nation’s foremost authority on Article V, debunks the most prominent of these myths: the “run-away” convention myth.


Video 3 - Economic Expert William H. Fruth explains the national debt.
Economic expert William H. Fruth explains how our economy has gone from bad, to worse, to the edge of bankruptcy and how we can back away from the edge.


Video 4 - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the national debt.
Our nation’s highest ranking military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullins, explains how the national debt, not Al Qaeda, Iran, China or Russia, is the greatest threat to U.S. national security.


Video 5 - Article V For Dummies.
The Article V amendment process is explained in simple, concise terms.

Video 6 - Ronald Reagan Calls For An Article V BBA.
During his 1985 State of the Union Address, President Reagan calls on Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment which the states can ratify. While doing so he makes reference to the state-initiated Article V campaign which had resulted in 32 state applications, just two short of the required 34.

Video 7 - Herman Cain's Pro Article V - BBA Speech At ALEC.

Video 8 - Glenn Beck Endorses Article V - BBA On His Show.

Video 9 - Mark Levin Calls For A Convention of The States.

Video 10 - Rand Paul Supports Article V - BBA On Hannity.

Video 11 - Republican Party Calls For A Federal BBA.

Video 12 - Fair Tax Promo Video.

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