Who Still Loves the Tax Code and the IRS? – by Tom Llewellyn

Most Americans can’t stand the federal tax code and don’t trust the IRS anymore. But, why has Congress refused to address cleaning-up this basic function of the federal government? Over the past decade, Congress has become less and less responsive to the average constituent and more attuned to the messages of lobbyists and the special interested groups. Now we know why . . . the tax code.
Why does Congress love the tax code?
• THE POWER to affect legislation and regulation gives lawmakers access and control of the federal government to apply toward friends and opponents, alike.
• ENSURING LOYALTY through favors to select groups keeps the political machine well oiled. The favoritism provided has a direct bearing on campaign funds and political alliances to help get out the vote back home. Long term politicians are the best evidence that this works well.
• WEALTH BUILDING is a long standing tradition in Washington. Many come out of Congress much richer than they were when they entered national politics. Some say that favors pay off.
• TARGETING ENEMIES by using the IRS has been well documented in Washington. Bureaucrats have been known to reach out and dramatically affect organizations, businesses or institutions, with the ability to make or break anything that stands in opposition to a powerful Congressman or White House official. The Lois Learner persecution of Tea Party groups, was just the latest in a long string of corrupt IRS scandals.
• SILENCE OPPONENTS is why Johnson (soon to be President) added the 401c-3 tax exemption so it could be held over the heads of churches and other groups. At the time in his Texas home district, local church leaders were the most vocal opposition to Johnson’s re-election to Congress, but were soon muzzled with this regulatory strait-jacket. For decades, the threat of pulling religious tax exempt status, has muted a powerful voice in each of our communities.

Why do a few others still love the tax code?
• MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS AND BIG BANKS love to get the protection and regulatory favors of the government. “Too big to fail” ensures years of profits with little risk.
• THE VERY RICH get special treatment and deals from the government. Elite access to special tax breaks and subsidies of whole industries they are invested in. The media will not do its job and report the corruption, so the ultra-rich can influence Washington with impunity. Lets’ hold up the Keystone pipeline to help the owner of the railroad (a generous political contributor). This will ensure years of very profitable bulk oil continue to be shipped on his rail lines.
• FOREIGN INTERESTS have influence in our government. Some own our national debt and in exchange, have been given special foreign trade deals, others just want to keep us militarily weak or dependent on their oil or industrial capacity. Other countries are just too glad to put all the extra capital to work over there that America has pushed off our shores, due to the high corporate tax rate. With a willing President and useless Congress, America has become less free and independent, of late. Our economy has become as sluggish as those grey Euro nations.
It is time to throw-out the entire federal tax code and replace it with a simple a fair tax that is equitable and easy to comply with. Ask your Congressman why they favor the current tax code and make them defend it. Better yet, ask your state legislator to sponsor and pass an Article V FairTax Amendment, and have the states by-pass Congress all together.
Go to www.IAmAmerican.org and sign-up to get the latest info and alerts for your area. Support the call for an new federal tax code that we can all live and prosper with . . . The FairTax Amendment.

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