Who Likes the U.S. Tax Code and the IRS? – by Tom Llewellyn

No one – except, maybe political insiders.

It is long past time to scrap the unworkable federal tax code, repeal the 16th amendment and start over with a new uniform, simple and equitable system of taxation, the FairTax.


• COST and COMPLEXITY are too much for most of us. The average American family spends hundreds of dollars to get our taxes processed each year, and still do not know if it is right.

• GUILTY TILL YOU PROVE YOURSELF INNOCENT. No other threat to most Americans is as scary as the words, “The IRS called.” The IRS is more of a threat to your earnings, your home and all of your other assets, than anything else out there. You are guilty FIRST and must prove your innocence to the IRS bureaucrats, or go directly to jail. To most that have been audited, it is a long and very stressful time. Months, sometimes years go by with this “albatross” around your neck. And they often come back to harass you time and again.

• POLITICAL TAX FAVORS for a few are just expected anymore. We are sick and tired of all the breaks others get and how the politicians keep carving out more favors for their friends.

• CORPORATE WELFARE and tax manipulation of markets is so prolific, that it is difficult for businesses to properly plan ahead. Last minute changes to the tax code can throw-off months of corporate projections. Political manipulation of the tax code and other regulatory uncertainty, causes further hesitation of production and investment decisions.

• OUR INCOME SHOULD BE OUR OWN BUSINESS. Why should we let anyone know how much money we make? It should be kept private; between you and maybe your employer. Anonymity is a freedom that we all deserve to have restored.

• A BROKEN TAX CODE is the kindest thing we can say about our system of taxation. The federal tax code is just plain unmanageable, undecipherable, unenforceable and just not working anymore.

• THE IRS has been turned into a political weapon for the party in power to target those who speak out against it. Next election, it will likely be the other party’s turn to do the same.

• PENALISING SAVINGS AND EARNINGS is the worst thing you can do to struggling Americans. Anyone who wants to get ahead is punished even more.

• THE TAX RATES KILL JOBS, push whole industries out of the country and keep investments to a minimum. Our tax code is simply an anchor holding down the economy and limiting the opportunity for our citizens.

• A BURDEN TO AMERICA is something we can no longer afford. Overall, the federal tax code has become an oppressive burden to the people, a needless cost to businesses (passed through to the customer) and a drag on the economy.

It is time to throw-out the entire federal tax code and replace it with a simple a fair tax that is equitable and easy to comply with. One that does not burden and oppress Americans, but opens up our economy and frees each of us to do our best to get ahead and apply ourselves to excel.
Ask your state legislator to sponsor and pass an Article V FairTax Amendment, and have the states by-pass Congress all together.

Go to www.IAmAmerican.org and sign-up to get the latest info and alerts for your area. Support the call for an entirely new federal tax code that we can all live and prosper with . . . The FairTax Amendment.

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