If You Could, Would You FIRE the IRS?

A Summary of the Call for a New Fair Tax Amendment
The new Article V FairTax Resolution, proposed by state legislatures under a provision of the U.S. Constitution, is a proposed addition to the Constitution that would replace our current unworkable federal tax code with a simple and FAIR consumption tax. The IRS would then be eliminated.

The new FairTax amendment would:
1. Repeal the 16th Amendment
2. Scrap the current tax code
3. Replace all other federal payroll and income-based taxes
4. Allow us to keep our whole paycheck
5. Encourage all of us to save and invest
6. Open the door to overseas capitol
7. Dramatically reduce the cost of goods and service
8. Make America more competitive abroad
9. and Greatly improve our economy.

This basic change in taxation would restore the federal tax code to one that is:
1. Simple and Understandable
2. Easy to comply with
3. Equitable without any favoritism
4. Fair to all of us.

Changing over to this federal tax method would:
1. Ensure transparency,
2. Efficient collection
3. Equitable treatment for all
4. Eliminate the need for the IRS
5. Protect the people from regulatory and bureaucratic abuse
6. FREE our churches to speak-out on moral and social issues
7. Congress would be removed from playing favorites with the tax code
8. Lobbyists & special interest groups will have less political influence.

Let’s give America a new beginning, a fresh start for a better future for each of us and our future generations.

Help pass the FairTax Amendment,

Tom Llewellyn – Michigan Director,
The FairTax Alliance of Michigan
I Am American.org a grassroots coalition
Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force

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