Alliance for a FairTAX Amendment By Tom Llewellyn

It is long past time to scrap the unworkable federal tax code and start over with a new uniform, simple and equitable system of taxation, the FairTax.
For decades, groups of concerned citizens have been working to get Washington to fix the broken federal tax system, to no avail. Congress occasionally would dabble around the edges, calling it tax reform, but never really doing the heavy lifting required to make the necessary substantive changes. It is time for a new approach to the problem.
There is a new path for Constitutional Americans to take that will ensure a real solution is put in place. Article V of our Constitution can get us around the do-nothing Congress by proposing a brand-new approach to funding the government, the FairTax Amendment.
FAIRTAX Amendment will repeal the 16th Amendment, SCRAP the entire federal tax code, eliminate the need for the IRS and get the government out of the business of job-killing penalties to our personal and corporate earnings.
Each state will need to pass an Article V FairTax Amendment Resolution, as Congress will never surrender their control over the tax code or sever this fundamental source of their political power. An Amendment Convention, prescribed under Article V, would define the particulars of the proposed amendment, which would then need to be ratified, like any other proposed amendment, before becoming the law of the land. By utilizing this Constitutional approach, We The People can by-pass Congress and get this done via our more responsive state legislatures.
There are many questions that need to be answered, but fortunately there are decades of research and advanced solutions to address these challenges.
The ratified result of our campaign will launch a vibrant and market-driven economy, with unlimited opportunity and true economic freedom for every citizen. This vision is at the heart of the American Dream; it is what we all deserve for ourselves and our posterity.
It is time to work together and initiate this monumental change. For further information on the subject, go to, then go to and sign-up to keep informed of our progress and to find out what you can do to get this done.

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