This email form has been provided to send ‘high-level’ emails to the Oklahoma Senate regarding HJR 1018. You can copy and paste your comments into the form below and each senator will be ‘blind-carbon-copied’ or ‘bcc’d’, so that it will look like the email was only sent to his/her address.

Accordingly, please begin your email with a generic “Dear Senator.”  If you would like some ‘starter ideas’ to craft your email, click the link below to copy and paste from the selection.

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I want my grandchildren to live the American Dream and not be loaded down with debt passed on from my generation.  Please support the balanced budget amendment resolution HJR 1018 to prevent Congress  from destroying their future.

I believe that the states must stop Washington from bankrupting America.  The only way to stop the $18 trillion national debt from spiraling out of control is for the states to take action.  Please support HJR 1018 which will do exactly that.

As a college student, my generation was being robbed of its economic future before I had the right to vote.  The only way to stop Congress from bankrupting future generations is by amending the Constitution to require a balanced federal budget.  Please support HJR 1018.

With a national debt of over $18 trillion, my share as a taxpayer is over $150,000.  There is no way that our nation can afford more debt.  The only way to stop Congress from bankrupting our nation is to establish a balanced budget amendment by passing HJR 1018.

The U.S. national debt is greater than our yearly GDP which puts us in league with third world countries like Zimbabwe.  If we don’t get things under control, Congress will bankrupt America.  Please support HJR 1018 to place borrowing limits on Congress via a balanced budget amendment.

The interest on the national debt is nearly $500 billion which is almost 20% of federal tax revenues.  This amount will only go up which will place our military, education and entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicare & Welfare) in jeopardy.  The only way to prevent Congress from further endangering us is to establish a balanced budget amendment.  Please vote for HJR 1018.