In order to comprehensively reform the federal government, we are pursuing 3 amendments to the U.S. Constitution to be proposed via a Convention of the States.  As of this moment, we are concentrating on the campaign to ‘Abolish the IRS & Replace the Tax Code’ and the campaign to ‘Balance the Federal Budget,’ while the third campaign won’t be launched until 2016.  Below, you will find the status of our current campaigns.

1. Balanced Budget Amendment Campaign – As of this moment, we have 25 of the 34 state applications required to call a ‘Convention of the States’ to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment. We have legislative sponsors in 12 additional states which puts us within striking distance of 34 state applications in 2015!  No other Article V campaign is anywhere near this close to being done.


2. Repeal the 16th Amendment Campaign – As of this moment, we have legislative sponsors in  six states with the realistic goal of 20 by the time the traditional state legislative season begins in 2015!  We hope to attain a minimum of 10 state applications next year, and be done by 2017!


The success of both these campaigns is integral to the recovery of our nation’s economy.  In order to attain victory, we need the dedicated involvement of patriots like you!  If you would like to volunteer to work on one or both of these campaigns, please click the button below.