Herman Cain Gives Article V Initiative Speech at ALEC

Dallas, TX – Media personality and former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain gave the keynote address at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) annual meeting of state legislators in Dallas last Friday July 31st, 2014.  In his speech, Cain covered a variety of inspirational topics including the Article V / Balanced Budget initiative being promoted by the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force and I Am American.org.

Mr. Cain challenged the audience of more than 500 state legislators to help finish the job.  Currently, there are 24 states with Article V / Balanced Budget Amendment applications.  Only ten more are needed to reach the thirty-four required to call an Article V Convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Cain currently hosts a nationally syndicated radio talk show and is a contributor to Fox News. He pledged to focus more of his show’s conversation on the work toward a convention to pass a balanced budget amendment.

Cain used a biblical analogy to inspire the crowd of conservative lawmakers from all 50 states.  He described the battle between the states and the federal government as the battle between David and Goliath.   Mr. Cain compared the five smooth stones that David gathered to slay Goliath to the 50 smooth stones that the states represent. 

The slingshot in Mr. Cain’s analogy are the American people who can use the 50 state legislatures and their power to amend the Constitution under Article V as the stones with which to defeat the Goliath in Washington DC.

Mr. Cain brought down the house by forcefully rallying the state legislators to fight back against Washington in order to save our nation.  Cain told the crowd that the Balanced Budget Amendment initiative was the best way to do it.

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