BBA Racing to the Finish line – SD and Utah become 25th & 26th States to Sign-on

It seems that every week, the campaign calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) is making big strides and very quickly closing in on their goal of 34 states. Utah is now the 26th state to endorse the BBA.

“This is fantastic news for the BBA Campaign and for all those who have labored for a long time to fulfill this critical project,” said Rep. Kraig Powell, Utah State Legislator. “Utah is proud to join the 25 other states already calling for a BBA.”

Wayne Niederhauser, Utah Senator and sponsor of the BBA resolution, said, “The goal of establishing a proper fiscal constraint on our run-away-Congress via the BBA, is now one step closer. With Utah’s support, only eight more states are needed to meet our goal.”

“State lawmakers across our land, have dramatically stepped-up to demand proper fiscal stewardship of our nation’s tax dollars,” said Lou Marin, National Director for I Am American, a coalition working with local grassroots activists. “I am pleased to see state lawmakers all across America, recognizing this obligation and courageously speaking out in support of the BBA.”

“Local conservative groups are very supportive of this issue,” said Joe Bliss of the University of South Dakota College Republicans. “Millennials are fed-up with the prospect of being saddled with enormous national debt. We must stop the irresponsible spending of Congress, now, before it destroys the economy any further.”

“This is not a Republican or Democrat issue.” stated Calab Finck, Student Body President at S.D. State Univ. “The BBA campaign unites everyone and encourages the millennial generation to get involved.”

“People understand that our beloved nation is at a cross-roads,” said Tom Llewellyn, State Chairman of the Michigan BBA Task Force. “It is clear to an overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens that America can no longer sustain the twin abuses of fiscal recklessness and regulatory (IRS) overreach.”

“A new direction is needed if we are to save our nation from the excesses emanating from Washington,” stated Lou Marin. “both in terms of political leadership (or lack thereof) and overt bureaucratic oppression targeting those who voice criticism of these failings. This may be the only path left to ‘right-the-ship-of-state’. Now is OUR time to press for a speedy conclusion of the BBA campaign and have this country turn a new page away from divisive and destructive practices that have brought America to its’ knees.”

“By pursuing a Balanced Budget Amendment and others, like FAIRTAX,” said Yvette Herrell, BBA supporter from New Mexico. “we seek to rebalance the powers between state and federal leaders. Our objective in pursuing the BBA, is to get America back on track. Restoring fiscal stability to our nation is our top priority. We see this as the catalyst for a rejuvenated economy and revitalized nation.”

“It only takes a few good men (and women) to wake-up our nation,” said Tom Llewellyn. “The BBA now has the momentum to accelerate across the finish line. After that, we will see this through to ratification as we launch other game-changing Article V campaigns. Multiple polls have shown overwhelming support from the public and state legislators, alike. WE THE PEOPLE and most state lawmakers want this to happen. It’s a no-brainer.”

By Tom Llewellyn, IAA

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