Balance of States Need to Unite Behind the Call for a Balanced Budget Amendment by Tom Llewellyn

States are standing together, calling for a new Constitutional amendment to limit Congress’s ability to continue reckless deficit spending. Only a few more are needed.

Now, in the final stage of a (BBA) Balanced Budget Amendment campaign, the BBA Task Force and I Am have successfully advanced the call for a Balanced Budget Amendment. Only NINE more states are needed to call for an Amendment Convention on this single subject. The BBA Task Force anticipates passage in the remaining states soon in a matter of months.

Once the last of 34 states pass a BBA Resolution, early in 2015, the Balanced Budget Amendment will be the nation’s “first call” for an Article V Amendment Convention, effectively “paving the road” for other proposed single-subject resolutions. States have the authority to bypass Congress and pursue such an amendment.

Because Congress continues to show no interest in doing the heavy-lifting on the critical need for fiscal reform, states are pressing ahead utilizing this Constitutional provision in Article V. The states will have taken this courageous action, constraining our out-of-control Congress, without their involvement.

Soon, when the balance of the needed states pass the BBA Resolution, it will be formally proposed by an Amendment Convention of the state legislatures. The Balanced Budget Amendment once ratified, will then become the law of the land and a permanent control of the federal budgetary process.

It is time for the remaining states to unite in support of the Article V call for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Tom Llewellyn
BBA Task Force

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