# 23 – FL Calls For A Balanced Budget Amendment

Orlando, FL – On Monday April 21st, the Florida legislature passed House Memorial 625 which makes application under Article V of the U.S. Constitution for a ‘Convention of the States’ for the sole purpose of proposing a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) – making Florida the 23rd state to do so. Once thirty-four states pass similar Article V applications, the states can bypass Congress in order to propose a BBA which must be ratified by three-quarters of the states.

What makes this Article V application unique is that author Loren J. Enns, who asked Florida Representative John Wood and Florida Senator Kelli Stargel to sponsor it, wrote about the exact same scenario in The Sword of Liberty (pub. 2009) – an action novel in which his alter-ego, John Laurens, leads the American people to a dramatic reformation of the U.S. Government using the Article V Convention.

“For me, the journey began back in 2005” Enns said when describing the moment he decided to take action. “As a thirty-two year old looking at the possibility of running for national office in the future, I realized that it would be worthless to serve until the federal government had been fundamentally reformed.” That’s when he decided to write a novel in order to promote the Article V Convention as the means to reform Washington.

To market The Sword of Liberty and its constitutional reforms, Enns spent three years doing a radio talk show in Orlando before realizing that grassroots activists weren’t going to start an Article V movement on their own. That’s when he decided to invite Article V experts from across the nation to speak at the University of Central Florida April 26 – 27, 2013 to inspire grassroots groups to get involved.

In the process, he met grassroots activist ‘Typhoon Lou’ Marin and economic expert William H. Fruth of the BBA Task Force who was actively involved in the Article V campaign for a Balanced Budget Amendment (eighteen state applications as of spring 2013). Since then, Enns, Marin & Fruth have traveled the country to inspire grassroots involvement which has resulted in applications passed in Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan and now, Enns’ home state of Florida.

“When those in the grassroots community are properly educated, they energetically support the state effort to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment,” Enns stated. “Like anyone with half an ounce of common sense, they recognize the extreme danger Washington has put us in with its trillion-dollar-a-year deficit spending which has driven the U.S. national debt to $17.5 trillion.”

With twenty-three state applications already passed, and legislation pending in three additional states (AZ, LA & SC), the BBA campaign could reach twenty-six states by June. The BBA Task Force has sponsors ready to launch BBA applications in twelve states in early 2015 with the realistic chance of reaching 34 states by April 15, 2015. That will be a historic moment as the states unleash the Constitution’s greatest power for the first time in American history, in order to bypass and reform the federal government.

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